Our team consists of professionals with passion for education

Our passion is to develop social, mental and practical skills for those we teach.

Artis Žentiņš

Camp Coordinator

Artis is our Camp Coordinator, which involves planning activities and ensuring a positive atmosphere among staff and participants. He lives close to the camp in Valmiera, so he has local knowledge of the area to make the activities we provide the best possible.

Since retiring from professional BMX racing and graduating from the Latvian Academy of Sport Education, Artis has organized summer camps in Latvia, sports and BMW training camps in Estonia and Belgium, as well as working in Latvian language camps in the USA.

James Egerton

English Language Coordinator

James is our English Language Coordinator. He is from Horsham, near London. He is currently Senior Teacher at a large academy in Riga, which involves teacher training for staff, and teaching lessons for students from age 4 to 64. Having studied French and Spanish at university, James endeavours to pass on this enthusiasm for languages to students.

He believes that learning a language can and should be fun and useful for life! James also has years of experience working in and organising summer language camps, as he has been involved in camps both in the UK and Spain since 2010.

Raivis Kirilovs

Camp Manager

Raivis is from Riga, Latvia, and has a wide ranging education, having studied Business Management then Law at university. While studying, he also worked as a downhill ski coach, and this interest in improving young people's skills was the catalyst for the idea of KEZ Camp.

Raivis was involved in a number of skiing camps for young people, both summer training and winter practice on the slopes. Having travelled extensively himself, for example competing in semi-professional go karting competitions around Europe, he has seen first hand how English can act as the vehicle to open someone's mind to new experiences, friendships and knowledge.

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